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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Important Paperwork - What You Will Need For This Course

    • How To Create Your Enneagram Growth Plan

  • 2

    Pre-Work: Recognizing The False Self

    • Personality - EGP

    • Your Hero's Journey

    • ACTIVITY - Timeline

    • What Brings You Joy? - Reflection of the Week

  • 3

    9 Types

    • Your Enneagram Type Undisrupted

    • 9 Focuses of Attention

    • 9 Blind Spots

    • 9 Communication Styles

    • 9 Egos and Descriptions

  • 4


    • How To Fly With Both Wings

    • Wing Exercise

    • Wing growth

  • 5


    • What Are The Instincts?

    • What's Does Your Dominant and Repressed Instinct Say About You?

    • Dominant Instinctual Behaviors

    • Repressed Instinctual Behavior

    • Instincts Triggered


  • 6

    Triads and Sets of 3's

    • Law of 3

    • Centers of Intelligence

    • Harmony Triad

    • Repressed Centers

  • 7


    • Specificity of Subtypes!

    • How to find your subtype?

    • Countertype Subtypes

    • Subtype Grid


  • 8


    • How Your Passion Shows Up - EGP

    • What Makes You Sad? - Reflection of the Week


  • 9


    • Redefining Arrows - EGP


  • 10

    Defense Mechanism

    • Defense Mechanisms

    • What Makes You Angry? - Reflection of the Week


  • 11


    • What Are You Afraid Of? - EGP


  • 12

    Victorious Virtues

    • The Virtue Experience - EGP

  • 13

    Holy Ideal

    • What Holy Ideal(s) Are You Missing?

  • 14

    Somatics: Mudras and Mantras

    • Mantras and Mudras for each type!

    • How Do You Handle Stress? - Reflection of the Week

    • Breathing Techniques During Stress

    • Type-Based Major Stressors

  • 15

    Inner and Outer Work

    • How The Enneagram is Inner and Outer Work

  • 16

    Growth Work

    • What Does Growth Look Like For Your Type?

    • Practical Ways To Disrupt Your Enneagram Type

    • Growth For You!


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  • How Long Will This Course Last?

    This program will start on January 7th and go on until March 25th. The course will be available for attendees for 3 weeks after the course is completed.

  • What do I need to complete the course?

    A computer, email address, growth mindset and Thursday nights available for 3 hours

  • What if I miss a week's live session?

    The live teaching sessions will be recorded and posted to view for 3 weeks after presentation.

  • What do I do if I need help?

    If you need help with something related to the course, please contact

  • In what ways can I pay?

    Debit, Credit and Paypal

  • What If I enroll and I have an emergency come up before the class starts??

    Email us immediately and 100% money back guarantee if claim made before December 1. After December 1 there are no refunds.

  • Is there a discount if I bring another person with me?

    Yes, if you bring another person to sign-up, you and the other person will get a $199 discount. That means the price is only $750 per person. Contact for that discount code

Pricing options

You can pay all at once or break it down in 3 payments before Jan 6th.

3 Major Benefits of this Course

  • Complete Enneagram

    Students will receive a comprehensive knowledge of all of the components of the Enneagram.

  • Enneagram Growth Plan

    All students will develop an Enneagram Growth Plan throughout the course that will be due at the end to receive the certificate.

  • Ennea-Community

    The Enneagram is best learned in groups. This program is very interactive. You will be in type groups, mixed groups and one-on-one small groups in the live sessions. Cohorts usually start their own groups afterwards to continue their growth.

Join the Community

Learn the Enneagram in community with other Enneagram Enthusiast around America and the World!


Certified Enneagram Teacher

Milton Stewart, MBA

EIBN Certified Enneagram Coach - IEA Accredited Professional - IAP Certified Career Coach - Milton Stewart is a Professional Certified Enneagram and Career Coach who works with individual clients and delivers workshops, training sessions and works with organizations. Prior to his coaching and consulting practice, Milton worked in education and the banking sector. Milton worked at HopeWorks Adult Education where he helped adult students obtain their high school diploma(GED & HiSET). He later worked at Memphis College Prep Elementary school where he utilized the Enneagram to work with the teaching staff and students in an underserved community. Milton’s Enneagram work at Memphis College Prep continues to help scholars feel seen, heard and understood. Milton feels compelled to mentor youth and to teach the Enneagram to underserved communities in hopes of healing them. Milton is dedicated to helping individuals grow personally and professionally. He is also passionate about helping organizations create healthy cultures. Milton has worked with a Fortune 100 company, for-profit organization and nonprofit organizations.

Pricing options

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